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Far Cry 6 Game Review
Far Cry 6 Game Review
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Far Cry has had a long time of identity crisis. It is it a survival tale with hardboiled details or is it an enjoyable physics game featuring pet bears and flamethrowers. It's been "a small amount of both," which is not necessarily an issue. Far Cry 6 isn't a departure from this pattern although the flamethrower isn't moving but the latest game does manage a lot to smooth over the previous games and make the series' greatest ever. However, it is missing a few steps, especially with its updated inventories system which creates new problems.  
Far Cry 6 traps you yet again in a massive open-world controlled by an unsettling madman. After playing a lot of games, it is still fun to attempt to turn all the red points in your map to blue. You can do this by protecting every guard you encounter or go the more subtle option of throwing rounds, Molotovs, at them until you have no more.  
Primarily modeled after Cuba, Yara is ruled by the fascist dictator Anton Castillo, who's expertly portray by TV's most well-known villain Giancarlo Esposito. Thanks to this performance, he has easily risen to the top in my list of my favorite Far Cry villains (with apologies to Mr. Mando). If it wasn't for the actual South American and Central American inspirations, his regime would be impossible to believe at times. However, it is his unwavering commitment to his vision Yara and his natural gravitas, as well as his calm and stoic manner toward his still-loyal subjects which make Esposito an ideal opponent for the diasporas of chaos of revolutionaries you are working to unite in your efforts to take down the regime of El Presidente.  
Castillo's underlings who include "psychotic sea captain" to "psychotic aircraft force Captain to "psychotic propaganda head", aren’t exactly anyone to be proud of.  
Each and every one of Esposito's stories is captivating, especially the dialogue with his son Diego. The protagonist is a young boy who is struggling to reconcile his understanding that the impact of our actions on others is more significant than our own motives with his father's vehement belief that noble ends justify despicable ways, which generates powerful (if unbalanced) tension through the. It's unfortunate that the final chapter of the story doesn't provide an enlightened resolution to the numerous conflicts that are introduced throughout - however Castillo is a memorable antagonist to the very end. Esposito has plenty to thank for the success of his character, however it's the cinematic animated group that is worthy of praise for transferring the details of his performance onto digital characters models.  
FC6 is clearly aiming to be more responsible social game than previous versions and it is a credit to the fact that it does attempt to address some social issues, even though the script may be a little off in the truth of certain scenes. The game is trapped between the authentic Latin American culture and a crazy-made version for Western viewers. Although the world is gorgeous, the story relies too much on some colloquialisms and can feel like it's trying too hard to appear authentic. Or worse, it's a mini-game of cockfighting which is like Mortal Kombat but with chickens. It's technically legal in Cuba.  
Far Cry 3 and 4 had us facing pirates and terrorists, mercenaries, or cultists. Far Cry 6 however, makes our bad guys an organized, fully-equipped army. Although it's more straight-forward than the first game Far Cry 6 has diverse and exciting encounters. Captains of enemy forces are able to send reinforcements or airstrikes. medics can help revive injured soldiers. Engineers can also install auto-turrets. They're a great supplement to the traditional lineup of "shotgun guy, molotov, and heavy guy" which gives you new reasons to consider your targets beyond simply "who may be shooting at me in the next."  
Far Cry 6 also has the most impressive track record of turning cars, like helicopters into fiery metal. Although clearing a checkpoint is satisfying (this is how my experience ended) There's something special about driving down the highway and trashing an entire convoy with mounted machine guns, and blasting Ricky Martin. With the large arsenal FC6 offers making it an even more attractive option.  
Far Cry 6 is the best series I have seen in the last 10 years. Its cast provides strong performances and a great story. But it isn't always able to take large swings. Even with its shaky new inventory mechanics and a handful of odd design choices its creative weaponry means taking off an outpost, taking a convoy, or even simply riding along with a buddy has never felt better.  



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