Fix HP printer ink cartridge issues including ‘Incompatible’, ‘Missing’, ‘Failure’ and enrollment errors

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One or more of the following errors or messages appear on your printer control panel or HP software, and your printer does not print.

Cartridges that do not fit are incompatible, incorrect, or not intended for use in this printer.

Compatibility issues may occur if your printer is in an error state, firmware is outdated, or when cartridges from different countries/regions are installed.

  • For HP Instant Ink cartridges: Visit Fixing Instant Ink Cartridge Errors for steps to address compatibility errors with your ink cartridges.
  • Change of Country or Region: HP customizes certain printers and ink cartridges to meet local customer needs, and moving your printer between countries/regions might mean not finding cartridges with identical labels compared to your originals. In such instances, contact HP support to request regionalization services – see Finding Ink Cartridges after Moving Countries/Regions for assistance.
  • HP ENVY Inspire 7200 and 7900 series printers: When using non-HP cartridges with modified or non-HP electronic circuitry, the printer may reject both Original HP cartridges as well as reused, remanufactured, and refilled ones that reuse HP electronic circuitry. To restore printing service without interruption from these non-HP cartridges, from your printer control panel, go to Setup > Tools > Restore Defaults in Setup to Restore Defaults mode to continue printing.
  • HP Ink Tank 310 and 410 printers: If, after installing printheads, the printer does not prime, an “Incompatible or Missing Ink Cartridges” error appears for more information.

For compatibility issues, identify your cartridge type to continue troubleshooting.

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