How to fix issues configuring network printers or other devices after installing Norton?

If you experience difficulties configuring network printers or devices after installing Norton antivirus software, its security settings could create conflicts between network connections and your printers or devices. Here are steps to resolve these issues:

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1. Review Norton Firewall and Security Settings: 

Launch Norton on your computer

Search for any firewall or security settings that could obstruct network printers or devices from connecting, such as firewall rules, network security settings, or device trust levels.

Make sure your network printer or device can communicate through it; 

it may need to be added as an exception or trusted device.

2. Temporarily Disable Norton for Troubleshooting: As an initial step to investigate an issue configuring your network printer or device, temporarily disabling Norton may help resolve it. For this step to work correctly, all other security features must remain active (firewall/antivirus/IDS protection/IDP blocking, etc.).

To turn off Norton’s firewall or security features temporarily. 

Once completed troubleshooting, be sure to reenable them.

3. Establish Network Trust Level in Norton:

For increased device access, Norton may misclassify your network as “public” instead of private – thus restricting device access. To ensure it falls into one of those two categories, check your network trust settings to ensure that it falls under “private” or “trusted.”

4. Update Printer or Device Drivers:

Outdated or incompatible printer or device drivers can lead to connectivity issues; visit the manufacturer’s website to download and install the most up-to-date drivers for your network printer or device. 5. Restart Your Computer and Devices:

Restarting helps resolve connectivity issues; rebooting your computer, network printer, and other affected devices can solve them quickly and easily.

6. Configure Printer or Device Settings: 

To ensure optimal network settings on a network printer or device, including IP address, subnet mask, and gateway information, referring to its user manual or support resources may assist here.

7. Verify Network Configuration:

Verify that your network is correctly set up with all devices on a common subnet and that there are no issues or restrictions impacting network connectivity that might be contributing to problems on the network.

8. Temporarily Disable Other Security Software (If Appropriate):

If other security software or firewalls have been installed on your computer, temporarily disable them to determine if there are any conflicts with Norton.

9. Launch Network Troubleshooter (Windows): 

To troubleshoot network issues on Windows, use the built-in Network Troubleshooter feature. To access it, navigate to “Settings” > “Network & Internet” > “Status” > “Network Troubleshooter.”

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