How to fix Norton error 8504 and 104?

Error 8504 and 104 are frequently encountered when installing or using Norton antivirus software, often when there is an installation or setup issue with either. Here are steps that will help resolve Norton Error 8504 and 104:

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Install and Launch Norton Uninstall/Reinstall Tool:

a. Download and install the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool from the official Norton website.

Save the file to your desktop computer and double-click to run.

c. Review and accept the license agreement before selecting “Remove & Reinstall.”

d. To uninstall Norton from your computer, follow the onscreen instructions.

Once Norton is uninstalled, restart your computer for the best results.

After rebooting, run the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool again, selecting “Install Norton.”

Follow the onscreen prompts to reinstall Norton on your computer.

Use Norton Power Eraser:

Download Norton Power Eraser from the Norton website.

Save the file to your desktop, then double-click to launch.

Accept the license agreement by clicking “Next.”

d. To stay current on definitions, press “Run LiveUpdate.”

e. To utilize the Unwanted Application Scan feature, choose that option and click “Next.”

Norton Power Eraser will scan your computer for threats and follow its onscreen instructions to eliminate them.

Once your scan is complete, restart your computer to ensure the best results.

Search for additional security software:

Ensure no additional security software is installed on your computer, which could conflict with Norton. If any other software exists, remove it immediately.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers:

Errors associated with outdated graphics card drivers can sometimes cause Norton errors. To keep your graphics card functioning optimally, ensure it has the latest versions from its manufacturer’s website.

Windows Update:

For optimal system performance, always run Windows Update regularly to stay informed of system updates, which can help fix and solve compatibility issues.

Scan for Malware: Run a full system scan using Norton to ensure your computer is free from malware, which can sometimes interfere with antivirus programs and pose significant threats.

Reach Out for Norton Support:

If the issue continues after following these steps, it’s wise to contact Norton customer support. They will offer specific guidance and troubleshooting steps tailored to your circumstances.

Before making significant system modifications, like uninstalling and reinstalling antivirus software, back up essential files to safeguard them during troubleshooting efforts.

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